Like cryptocurrencies, NFTs are getting more and more popular. NFTs, which have started to be used in many areas and received investments, are gradually taking their place in the sports world. In the past months, football giants such as Barcelona, ​​AC Milan and Liverpool have taken various steps on NFT. In addition to football, an NFT project was announced by the NBA in basketball.

The International Association of Football Associations (FIFA), which has taken important steps in using new technologies in football, signed a sponsorship agreement with the blockchain technology company Algorand in the past months. As the first step of this deal, FIFA announced that an NFT collection will be released on the Algorand blockchain.

algorand algo

After FIFA's agreement with Algorand in the past months, the interest in the local presence of the blockchain, ALGO, has increased considerably. In the partnership, Algorand would help FIFA create a digital wallet and launch other blockchain-based projects. The first step was taken with the World Cup NFT collection.

The collection, called FIFA+ Collect, is expected to be released this month. Users will be able to buy or trade moments including the best goals in World Cup and Women's World Cup history, saves, interesting goal celebrations and more.

algorand fifa

Making a statement on the subject, FIFA official Romy Gai stated that the fan base is gradually changing and football fans from all over the world are somehow involved in the game. Gai explained that by making this exciting NFT collection available to fans, they offer the opportunity to own a piece of the World Cup.

   “This exciting announcement democratizes the possibility of owning a piece of the FIFA World Cup by making FIFA collections available to any football fan. Like sports memorabilia and stickers, this one is available to fans around the world with their favorite players, moments and more on new platforms. an accessible opportunity for them to interact.”