Fidelity Steps Into The Metaverse

Fidelity has applied for a trademark to enter the world of the metaverse. According to its filing, the firm plans to offer its traditional services on the metaverse universe.

The company continues to work to be more active in the web3 sector. According to Fidelity’s application, the company plans to offer applications, NFTs, NFT marketplace, virtual real estate investing, crypto trading and metaverse investment services on the metaverse universe.

Fidelity is adopting digital assets much faster than other large investment companies. In this direction, various steps have been taken to increase the digital asset team to 500 people. After the initial announcement, Fidelity also activated commission-free retail accounts in November.

The company’s crypto activities also caused some reactions from some segments. Three U.S. senators have asked Fidelity to reconsider its decision, saying the cryptocurrency industry is becoming increasingly “volatile, turbulent and chaotic.” Fidelity has also launched a Bitcoin-focused retirement plan before.

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