According to financial services company Fidelity Investment, Bitcoin (BTC) is unique because of the features it has. In its “Bitcoin First” article published on February 1, Fidelity stated that bitcoin should be considered separately from the rest of the digital asset market. The article stated that Bitcoin is fundamentally different from other digital assets and that no other digital asset can replace bitcoin “as a monetary good”.

The article calls Bitcoin not just a technology, but a "superior form of money".

   "It has many good properties, incorporating the rarity and durability of gold and the ease of use, storage, and portability of fiat coins."


Fidelity considers bitcoin to have all the hallmarks of being a reliable form of money, as there is no organization behind it and no dividends or cash flow. It was also mentioned that the limited supply and decentralized nature of bitcoin contribute to its characteristics as an excellent monetary tool.

   "We won't be brave enough to predict that Bitcoin will become just one currency, but we believe it will dominate the digital asset ecosystem due to the powerful effects its network has."

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ATH in Bitcoin is not far!

Popular crypto analyst Jason Pizzino has shared a prediction he thinks is realistic for the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin. In these predictions, the famous analyst revealed a realistic time frame in which Bitcoin (BTC) can rise to an all-time high.

Sharing his predictions about Bitcoin in a new strategy session, Pizzino told his 259,000 YouTube subscribers that the flagship cryptocurrency will face more resistance as Bitcoin bounces off a solid 90-day low of $32,990.

   “$36,000 is our main level, most of the whales seem to be trading between these levels. However, Bitcoin is currently rejecting $39,000. So if Bitcoin goes above $39,000 it could face a lot of resistance in this area.

If Bitcoin breaks $39,000 upwards, a journey towards the $42,000 levels may start first. Afterwards, an increase may occur to the $44,000 region. However, this will be a very tough match for Bitcoin."