Few Days Left to Move Helium Network to Solana Blockchain

According to a recent official announcement, the Helium Network will begin migrating to the Solana network on March 27. There will be a 24-hour transition period. The success of the community with the HIP-70 in 2022 and the introduction of many solutions for the scalability of the Helium network made the transition to Solana possible. In addition, moving Proof-of-Coverage and Data Transfer operations to Oracles with the transition to Solana network frees up important resources for scaling. The rise following the announcement for HNT Token represented the third largest price move in the year.

According to Santiment’s volume statistic, there was no significant increase in the metric. The volume has been low for a while, and the lack of serious interest from investors says that there may not be a serious increase in price in the short term. With the move of Helium to the Solana network, it will become interoperable with the applications there. This will expand the usage area. Will this increase the volume? Only time will tell. In the environment where many applications in the Solana ecosystem escape to different networks, the fate of HNT Token will now be determined together with Solana. Sudden increases on the SOL Coin front will also positively affect the HNT Token price. By reaching $55.22 in 2021, the HNT Token, which determines the ATH level, is currently 95% below the peak. On the other hand, the price finds buyers 1013% above the historical low of $0.25.

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