Considered the third largest sneaker brand in the United States, Skechers has announced that it will open a store in the Fashion District of its popular metaverse project Decentraland.

Making trademark applications to Metaverse, Skechers signaled that it will continue to expand in this area. The company has filed a number of international trademark applications to offer its footwear and apparel products virtually, noting that it plans to continue expanding into the digital world.

Fashion District metaverse

The store that Skechers will open in the Fashion District is located in the region where Decentraland will host the first Metaverse Fashion Week, which will be held between 24-27 March. Skechers' store will be an experiential store in this respect.

Michael Greenberg, chairman of Skechers

Michael Greenberg, chairman of Skechers, said:

   “Our agreement with Decentraland is an investment in our future. We look forward to embarking on this virtual age and exploring creative ways for our brand to engage with new customers and audiences as we launch the new Skechers experience.”

Reef is building an nft team focused on graffiti and electronic music artists

Reef, a layer 1 based Blockchain for DeFi, NFTs and gaming, announced today that it has established a new NFT division focused on connecting with graffiti and electronic artists while scaling its network to be more NFT friendly.

For the past two months, Reef has been working to contribute to the NFT space and has appointed Philip Galaviz, an influential figure in the Denver music and arts scene, as the team's NFT President. Philip has worked with Digitally Imported Radio, Global Dance and numerous electronic music artists and is building a cultural arts and music program through IRL collaborations. Introduced as NFT President, Philip will lead Reef's business development and present his proposals to a wide range of artists, particularly electronic and graffiti artists and album cover designers.