Famous Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones Talks About Bitcoin

Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones stated that Bitcoin (BTC) has lost much of its appeal due to the regulatory problems it faces. In an interview with CNBC on May 15, Jones stated that Bitcoin has a big problem in the USA. The billionaire claimed that Bitcoin has lost much of its appeal to investors as a result of the anti-crypto regulatory framework issue it faced in the US.

Stating that he continues to invest in Bitcoin, Jones said that compared to the past, Bitcoin has a very small place in his portfolio. He underlined that the fact that the Bitcoin supply cannot be changed by humans is still a point of attraction for him. On the other hand, Jones, who thinks that the tightening moves in monetary policies have come to an end, argued that the US Federal Reserve (FED) is currently hiding it from the public, even though it will not bring new interest rate hikes.

Jones stated that the economy is gradually slowing down and entering a recession, and that this situation is quite similar to the pre-crisis environments. In addition, expressing his opinion on the issue of borrowing limits, which has been on the agenda recently, Jones said that risk premiums will be a determining force on the performance of the markets. The portfolio manager suggested that if risk premiums disappear, value gains in gold, equities and other risk market assets will start to be seen. Jones said in October last year that he continues to hold the Bitcoins he has in his portfolio. His new statement also supports this decision.

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