Fall of dominance helped Solana (SOL)

With the loosening of Bitcoin (BTC) dominance, an increase was observed in many altcoins, the most notable among them was Solana (SOL).

BTC dominance, which eased by 1.70 percent in a short time, brought a spring mood to altcoins. Although various altcoins were on the rise, these increases were temporary with the release of BTC. But the upward momentum in SOL has not completely disappeared. The major coin, which started the upward movement from $ 24, surpassed $ 25 and set out for the next resistance.

Having run the $22.30 support multiple times, SOL finally got a voluminous reaction from here and targeted the upper resistance levels. The popular coin, which has also made an upward move by gaining strength from the BTC dominance, can target $ 27.15 and $ 29.13 as long as it exceeds $ 25.59. In this process, the developments in the Solana ecosystem and the price movements of BTC can also be decisive. Increasing BTC dominance, BTC losing $28,900 support or FUD news about the ecosystem will bring the SOL price down. The support zones to follow in such a scenario are $23.83 – 22.30 – $20.43 and $19.30, respectively.

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