They want to make their ecosystem more robust by integrating crypto projects, network updates and various events operating on the blockchain into their networks. In December, there were activities on the platforms of some high-capital altcoins such as Polygon, Qtum, Harmony, Stacks, Stellar, Terra, Enjin and Sandbox.

Polygon (MATIC)

MATIC, the token of the Polygon network, which offers a layer 2 solution for the Ethereum network, ranks 19th in the list, ranked by capital value, with a value of approximately $ 12.5 billion. MATIC is hovering near $1.77, up 3.5 percent in the last 24 hours. On December 1st, the decentralized exchange serving the Polygon network, IDEX, is expected to switch from v2 to v3. The IDEX exchange has the goal of a more stable and powerful decentralized exchange with this launch.

Qtum (QTUM)

Qtum's first halving will take place on the first day of December. With the first halving on the Qtum network, the first attempt to reduce the supply of Qtum will begin. According to the Qtum halving calendar, reward distribution on the Qtum Blockchain is planned to end in 2045, and the maximum supply limit of 107.8 million tokens is expected to be reached by this date. Qtum ranks 80th in the cryptocurrency rankings with a capital value of $1.6 billion. The altcoin was trading at $16 today, up 8% in value.


Harmony (ONE)

The Harmony network has two major events in December. It is planned to add cross-sharding transactions on December 1st. Another expected event for the Harmony network in December is the launch of a bridge with the Ethereum network by the 20th of the month. Harmony (ONE), which ranks 60th in the ranking with a capital value of 3 billion dollars, was changing hands at the $0.26 band, keeping its price almost constant today.

Sandbox (SAND)

There are two different events in December for the popular metaverse-based token Sandbox. The first of these two events, which is expected to take place on the last day of December, will be the release of 'Sandbox Game Maker 1.0'. A second event is the establishment of a DAO foundation by the Sandbox project. With this decentralized autonomous organization, the SAND token will be staked to vote on fund management decisions.

The SAND token is currently ranked 38th with a capital value of $6.38 billion. Cryptocurrency, which has appreciated by 30 percent in the last week, is currently changing hands at $ 6.91.

Other Altcoin Events in December

  • On December 6, SIP-012 update of Stacks network
  • On December 12, the Stacks project released the CrashPunks NFT collection.
  • On December 15, AQUA airdrop for Stellar investors
  • On December 25, an integration of Terra (LUNA) with ThorChain
  • Launch of NFT-focused Efinity Blockchain by Enjin network on last day of December