Nicholas Merten, who shared his analysis of the crypto money market on the youtube channel "DataDash" to his more than half a million subscribers, stated that Bitcoin's current recovery is very important, although it fell from the highest level of 69,000 dollars to 33,000 dollars.

   “Since January, Bitcoin has been on a downtrend. Many people were expecting it to drop to $30,000 or even $25,000. However, we saw demand for BTC increase and recover from the lowest level of $33,000 and afterward.”

merten btc

According to crypto analyst Merten, Bitcoin's (BTC) return from the level of 33,000 dollars and its rise again above 42,000 dollars indicate that new highs will come. The analyst believes that in the next two months, BTC will rise above its all-time high of $69,000.

   "The price action after Bitcoin's last drop signals a rally in the coming weeks. I think Bitcoin will regain its all-time high in two months. I think we will probably reach these levels by mid-April."

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Noting that the bulls collect Bitcoin very quickly during the declines, the analyst emphasizes that crypto money investors may miss the rally while waiting for the bottom. The analyst explains the Bitcoin price expectation as $ 200,000 until the end of this year.

   “I predict that after Bitcoin reaches its all-time high, it will rise above 100 thousand dollars. Bitcoin will make a correction in the range of 100 thousand to 120 thousand dollars again. But I do not think that the levels of 30 thousand dollars will come again in this correction. Because the trend support is getting stronger day by day. Until November 2022, my BTC expectation is 200 thousand dollars."