Bitcoin, which increased its awareness globally after El Salvador accepted Bitcoin as the official currency, will finally form the entire reserve of the famous food company EverBowl. So much so that the company announced that it will now run its commercial operations on the Bitcoin standard and convert its cash reserves to Bitcoin.

Globally accepted as a store of value, Bitcoin (BTC) has attracted the attention of companies as well as regulators and investors. For example, MicroStrategy's Bitcoin (BTC) reserve has reached 125,051 BTC.

Influenced by the vision of these companies, companies like EverBowl also continue to buy Bitcoin. Explaining the details of their decision to switch to BTC, Everbowl said that they did research and talked to their advisors in detail about this issue.

Jeff Fenster, CEO of EverBowl, shared the company's perspective on the subject.

   “We have come to the conclusion that cash-only business is not the most advantageous and safest way to run a business in 2022 and beyond. I also understand that the idea still holds. It is early in terms of corporate and government adoption of Bitcoin, but by leading our example, we contribute to the cause. We believe that the day when Bitcoin Standard will become the Gold Standard is a question of "when", not "if"."

EverBowl Jeff Fenster

Fenster said that the danger of inflation in the USA was effective in the transition of his company to BTC.

   "With the US announcing the highest inflation value in the last 39 years, I realized that we needed to rethink our strategy. As I learned new things about the Bitcoin standard, I thought our company should adopt this technology. The value of our company's cash is declining at an unsustainable level every day. We are giving BTC to all business owners. I suggest you do your research."

It was said that Everbowl will also offer its employees the opportunity to receive a salary in BTC, and the official announcement of this will be made soon. Fenster also stated that it is not possible for them to adopt the Bitcoin standard 100% at the moment, but they will gradually progress on this path as time goes on.