EU Focuses on Metaverse Research

A panel consisting of representatives of the social media giant Meta, the European Union Parliament and the EU Commission was held during the week. At the open meeting, the future of the metaverse universe was the main topic of the agenda.

After the panel, the difference of opinion between Meta and EU officials came to light. While meta officials advocate a central and single metaverse universe, EU officials think that multiple metaverse universes should be developed. Councilor Eva Kaili, who played an important role in the preparation of the EU Parliament’s digital asset report, explained her opinion with the following words:

“It is very important that the new virtual world is centralized and that digital “gatekeepers” do not form. People need to have full power over the data they share and the content they produce in the metaverse universe.”

Meta’s head of the European Union, Aura Salla, stated that she does not support the idea of ​​​​multiverse after Kalili’s statement. Shake it, the metaverse universe isn’t just for Meta; stressed the need for a common ground of cooperation for businesses, creators and policy makers.

The European Union has a long way to go for metaverse research. Ursula von der Leyen, president of the EU Commission, has expressed the intention of the council and parliament to focus on researching “new digital trends such as the metaverse” in 2023. The EU Commission has created a new channel for the virtual reality industry to communicate with policymakers in recent months. The EU Virtual and Augmented Reality Industrial Coalition announced that it started operations in September.

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