ETHF Prepares to Fork Dogecoin

EthereumFair (ETHF), a POW fork of ETH, announced that it will set up a DAO organization to fork Dogecoin, then change its algorithm so that graphics cards can participate in mining and be compatible with EVM. Currently, the price of ETHF is only $0.42, while another forked POW coin ETHW is $4.59. The ETHF technical team will assist with the Dogecoin fork. Before that, the DAO organization will be established.

In fact, the purpose of this is basically to ensure that the new coin, which will be a fork of Dogecoin with Ethereum graphics cards, can be mined. This fork of Dogecoin will still maintain the 1-to-1 registry, but there will be some detailed tweaks from the Bitcoin series algorithm to the Ethereum series algorithm. This will not affect the current Dogecoin price and operation. It is aimed to release a different coin from DOGE by only making new updates on the existing Dogecoin network. EthereumFair price today is $0.428851 with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,006,055. EthereumFair is down 1.69% in the last 24 hours. EthereumFair is $0.428851 and its current CoinMarketCap rank is 2784. According to CoinMarketCap data, the circulating supply and maximum supply are also not available.

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