Ethereum’s Shanghai Update Postponed

Ethereum developers reported that the Shanghai update, which will enable the withdrawal of ETHs locked in the network, has been postponed to April.

Shanghai, an important update for the Ethereum network, was planned to be released in March. In the last statement, the update will be given in the first half of April. On the roadmap for the network update, the Goerli test phase will take place on March 14, and if there is no problem, the main update is expected to be completed by mid -April.

There was no information about the reason for the postponement and the effect of this delay on the price of Ethereum could not be measured due to the general sale in the crypto currency markets. Currently, the Ethereum network has been stake of $ 28.7 billion, which corresponds to 14.5 %of the circulating amount. More than half of this amount is found in the pools of Lido Dao and Coinbase, Binance and Kraken. Ethereum experts expect these organizations to generate significant revenues from their stake activities. On the other hand, after the Shanghai update, the narrative that there may be a decrease in the price of Ethereum due to the possibility of being released in a high amount of ETH. Therefore, the update on the Ethereum network is eagerly awaited by crypto participants. Among the comments made, there are opinions that a new era will begin with the liquid of stake activities in Ethereum.

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