Twitter launched a tipping system in September last year that supports Bitcoin transactions over the Lightning Network as a way for users to send cryptocurrencies on the platform. Twitter has now decided to expand this system.

The social media giant has updated its tip feature, announcing that Ethereum wallet addresses can now be used to transfer funds via Twitter. Thus, users will be able to receive crypto money as a tip by adding their Ethereum address to the platform. By the way, the tipping system can only be used via the mobile application.

After the addition of Ethereum address support, the question came to mind whether other ERC-20-based crypto assets could be sent via the platform. However, in the statement, no information was given about whether other Ethereum-based crypto assets other than ETH sending will be included in the tip system.

On the other hand, Twitter continues to expand into the Ethereum ecosystem. Prior to this development, the social media giant had implemented the NFT verification service for Twitter Blue subscribers.

twitter ethereum

The tipping feature offered by Twitter is handled by a third party and Twitter does not charge a commission on these payments. However, it is informed that third-party companies may charge a commission. On the other hand, it is stated that there is an age limit of 18 for those who want to use the tipping system.

Twitter continues to increase its ties with the cryptocurrency ecosystem with the update to its tipping system. If the feature is included in other ERC-20 tokens other than Ether, a significant cryptocurrency trading volume can occur on the platform.

It seems that after Jack Dorsey, a staunch Bitcoin advocate, stepped down as Twitter CEO, the platform started to show more interest in the largest smart contract network outside of Bitcoin. Jack Dorsey, who focused on his other company Block after leaving his CEO position on Twitter, has been on the agenda recently with the production of Bitcoin mining equipment and a decentralized stock market where Bitcoin and fiat money transfers can be made.