Ethereum Wallet Awakens After 8 Years

An ancient Ethereum whale has become active again after nearly 8 years of inactivity. This whale has been dormant since Ethereum was launched in a historic ICO in 2014. Ethereum later hosted the birth of EOS, TRON and other new generation blockchains. Binance, on the other hand, initially launched its own token on Ethereum and then moved it to its own Binance Smart Chain.

According to reports from Whale Alert, this long-dormant wallet recently transferred 185 ETH worth approximately $302,096 to the Kraken exchange.

During the same period, another transfer of 50,000 ETH, or $81,638,671, took place from another wallet to Kraken. A similar incident occurred three weeks ago, when another dormant Ethereum wallet transferred 191 ETH to an anonymous address. Such movements have led to much speculation that former crypto holders may have regained access to their lost keys.

An anonymous “whale” made a large withdrawal of ETH from Binance. This whale exchanged Ethereum with two separate transfers totaling 19,508 ETH. He made this transfer at the lowest level, during this period when the price of Ethereum was around $ 1,600. Earlier in the year, especially during the period when the SEC deemed Bitcoin spot ETF applications as “inadequate”, the same whale transferred 8,188 ETH.

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