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Ethereum NFTs Can Be Moved To Bitcoin

The development of the crypto industry and the expansion of the NFT market into different areas continue to attract the attention of users. Bitcoin Ordinals are growing in popularity due to the resurgence of NFTs. Using the hype created by creating NFTs on the Bitcoin network, Ordinals Market will enable to bridge different NFTs to Ordinals. Ordinals Market has announced the standard that will enable the conversion of ERC-721 NFTs to BRC-721E using the bridge method.

Ordinals Market found a way to move Ethereum NFTs to the Bitcoin network with the BRC-721E standard it created. In this way, printed NFTs will automatically appear in marketplaces. ERC-721 NFTs are known as digital assets using the Ethereum network. These products can be transferred to the Bitcoin network thanks to the standard created by the Ordinals Market.

In the statement from the platform, during the transport via the bridge, the ERC-721 NFT will be incinerated and the burning process will appear on the chain as an inscription request. The BRC-721E will directly encode the resulting text requests, so that the NFTs will be delivered to the user from the Bitcoin network. In addition, these products will be automatically listed on the Ordinals Market.

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