What is the latest hype in the NFT market? Bored Apes? Mutant Apes? Not really. Now, a very different kind of madness has begun. In the NFT field, rarity matters. For example, different groups are formed, such as the most valuable 100 items or the rarest top 1000. For a long time, such a perception of rarity began to form around the last ENS.

Four-digit Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains have become extremely popular these days. Domain sales on OpenSea skyrocketed as investors wanted to get into the very famous top 10,000 club. ENS NFTs have witnessed significant volume growth as investors started a massive movement to buy three- and four-digit domain names. In fact, this frenzy even caused the daily trading volume on April 28 to exceed the trading volume of Bored Ape Yacht Club on the NFT marketplace OpenSea.


But BAYC has surpassed the recorded statistics thanks to the wide following and speculation about the Metaverse project.

ENS volume has increased by nearly 200% in the last 24 hours. Compared to last week, it increased by 2000%. Similarly, the current base price for three-digit domains was around 6.5 ETH ($18,850). For four-digit domains, that quickly came close to 0.5 ETH ($1,450).

Ens domain sales

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a domain name provider for the Ethereum blockchain. Controlled by a DAO that uses governance tokens to make collective decisions, ENS is affiliated with the Ethereum Foundation. Many famous and well-known people like Jimmy Fallon (fallon.eth), Paris Hilton (parishilton.eth), Trey Songz (treysongz.eth), Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong (barmstrong.eth), are currently using ENS names as Twitter usernames. uses.

One of the biggest sales of all time took place with the NFT named 555.eth, which was purchased for $158,000 worth of Ethereum (ETH).

So why do people pay so much for a domain name they can only use as a wallet address? Perhaps the realization that there are only 10,000 four-digit combinations has caused the price to increase by thousands of dollars. After all, owners of ENS domains with four digits or less gain access to an elusive private Discord channel. The name of the channel is “The 10k Club” and it describes itself as;

   "A web3 social club for 0-9999 ENS holders. No roadmap. Only the top 10k on the Ethereum blockchain."

Popular names like Jennifer Sutto said it was nonsense.