As every month, mining revenues are calculated by The Block Research this month. According to the latest news this time; Ethereum (ETH) miners fell 27.2 percent in May.

In addition, it should be noted that last month, Ethereum miners earned a total of $ 969.4 million in revenue.

The share of Ethereum transaction fees in total revenue fell to about 5.6 percent in May. Ethereum miners also generated approximately 1.08 times more revenue than Bitcoin miners in May.


In addition, let us remind you that according to the information obtained, Ethereum miners earned approximately 1.08 times more income than Bitcoin miners in March.

Hayes: "It can jump the price of ETH to 10 thousand dollars by the end of 2022"

Arthur Hayes, ex-CEO of Bitmex, shared his exciting year-end Ethereum prediction! According to the famous name, ETH can increase its price to 10 thousand dollars by the end of 2022!

Continuing to like Ethereum despite the fluctuating market, Hayes stated that 10 thousand dollars is a fairly easy target in his assessment with a broader and long-term perspective. Thinking that crypto will grow exponentially, Hayes shared his year-end forecast for Ethereum as 10 thousand dollars.


Acknowledging the liquidity crisis caused by the Terra crisis and the erratic market at the moment, Hayes believes that cryptocurrencies will return to their old days once central banks slow down the rate hike. The veteran, who regards Terra's collapse as normal due to his own programming, believes that the monetary squeezes of the FED and major global central banks are causing liquidity problems.

Commenting on these shared details as the tip of the iceberg, Hayes declared 2022 the golden year of Ethereum with a similar prediction last month! Saying that once blockchain switches to the proof-of-stake (PoS) system, it will be pure money, Hayes states that unlike BTC, it will be a commodity-based or currency bond.

Hayes considers ETH to be far superior to BTC. He explains the reason for this opinion with the comment that "ETH is not a pure monetary tool, it is a commodity used to power the computer". With this thesis, Hayes shares the recommendation to buy ETH, not BTC, unlike many analysts.