The NFT boom in 2021 has proven that NFTs are with us, at least for a while. However, discussions are still ongoing in the NFT community and we continue to see different views, whether it is the blockchains used by NFTs or the future of NFTs.

According to new statistics from Messari Research, Ethereum is leading the way in NFT. According to the statements made, Ethereum saw $ 8.5 billion in NFT volume and increased by more than 50% in the last 90 days. In addition to Ethereum, Solana, Ronin, Avalanche, Flow and Polygon are also strong players in the NFT world. However, according to Messari, Ethereum also holds about 84% of NFT secondary volume.

Messari conveyed the information in his tweet with the following statements;

   "While NFT market daily volumes have dropped in recent weeks, the first quarter of 2022 recorded $10 billion in secondary sales volume, a record high. 

The top six NFT platforms were responsible for 98% of the volume (from blockchains tracked on @cryptoslamio)."


When we look at CryptoSlam, it is seen that all of the top 10 NFT collections by sales volume in the last 30 days are Ethereum-based, thus Messari's data is once again verified.

Although it will take some time for another blockchain to topple Ethereum in the NFT market, there is already discussion about which one it will be. Solana generated approximately $700 million in secondary sales in the first quarter of 2022, but its 90-day 3.8% growth rate was far behind Avalanche's 551% growth rate.

However, data from OpenSea still shows that the Polygon NFT volume is much higher than Solana's. However, at this point, it should not be forgotten that the Solana integration is very, very new.

Messari's research also highlights the importance of what he calls "static NFTs." These refer to non-refundable tokens that are seen as luxury goods rather than digital tools that meet certain use cases.