Ethereum Layer 2 Move from StarkWare

Ethereum scaling system StarkWare is moving forward with new work. StarkWare is considering using StarkNet Prover as open source to make the technology public and increase the transparency of the project code.

StarkWare is transitioning to open source prover technology for the Ethereum Layer 2 network. Prover stands out as a crucial component of StarkNet, a widely used Layer 2 scaling network for Ethereum based on ZK-STARK technology. Prover enables generating cryptographic proofs to compress transactions and increase the efficiency of Layer 2 scaling.

The fact that StarkNet Prover is open source allows more users to review the code and helps increase the transparency of the code. The developer team stated that this move is a step for StarkNet to transition to a more decentralized project. Eli Ben-Sasson, co-founder of StarkWare and inventor of ZK-STARKs, used the following statements about open source use:

“This is an important step towards scaling Ethereum and cryptography as STARK technology becomes a public source.”

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