Ethereum Easter Prediction from Artificial Intelligence

According to artificial intelligence, Ethereum (ETH) may have a bull rally in the coming weeks, according to recent on-chain data.

The recent banking crisis and the turmoil in the global economy have increased the interest in the cryptocurrency industry. In the rising wave that started on the premise of Bitcoin, it was observed that there was great interest in the Ethereum side. On the Ethereum blockchain, which is the main focus of DeFi platforms, activity has been observed to rise recently. Analyzing this data, artificial intelligence made a price prediction that ETH will experience a bull run on April 9, 2023.

The problems experienced in traditional financial products have increased the orientation towards the decentralized stock market (DeFi). It has been observed that data flows have increased in Ethereum (ETH), the network where DeFi products are used the most. This can help Ethereum work more actively and establish a stronger token balance.

Finbold referred to the Shanghai update scheduled for April 12, using CoinCodex’s artificial intelligence indicators. According to artificial intelligence, ETH can rise to the level of $ 1,763 on these dates. On the other hand, artificial intelligence platform PricePredictions predicts that ETH will move around $ 1839 on April 9, according to data obtained on March 24.

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