Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Ethereum scaling solution Polygon, stated that Ethereum can dominate the web 3.0 ecosystem and play an even more critical role in the crypto ecosystem in the future. Nailwal underlined the concept of decentralization, drawing attention to the developments made by the Ethereum blockchain.

Arguing that Ethereum can dominate the Web 3.0 ecosystem, Nailwal stated that the leading smart contract platform may have a much more critical role in the crypto ecosystem in the future. In a recent YouTube interview, Nailwal referred to the “blockchain triad” theory put forward by Vitalik Buterin, noting the advances made by the Ethereum blockchain.


Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon, stated that although the Ethereum network has many problems with transaction speed and costs, Ethereum attaches importance to network security and decentralization as the first priority.

Citing the theory of Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, Nailwal stated that among scalability, security and decentralization, only two can be taken as top priority. Nailwal argued that network security is very important, so in this case, blockchain networks make a choice between decentralization and scalability.

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However, many corporate companies argued that unlike Nailwal, Ethereum may lose its dominance in the crypto ecosystem significantly in the future due to the scalability problem. Writing in a recent report that Ethereum continues to lose its dominance in the DeFi ecosystem, US-based banking giant JP Morgan stated that Ethereum alternative blockchains, which offer users high transaction speed at low cost, are on the rise on a use-case basis. While many experts on the subject emphasized the importance of decentralization in the long term, many experts stated that scalability will be a very important criterion in the future.

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