Ethereum Blockchain's revenue saw $1.2 billion. Other blockchains have also been on the rise with the support of Web3 technology. Token Terminal shared the relevant data on its Twitter account.

Token Terminal has released some data on the revenue of Blockchains. According to the published data, the pure revenue of the Ethereum Blockchain has seen $ 1.2 billion. In this respect, we can say that the Ethereum network is the leader. In the tweet, the support on the Web3 side was also mentioned.

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Following Ethereum was LookRare and OpenSea, respectively. Meanwhile, the revenue of a chain or protocol can be explained as a share of the fees sent to the treasury of the protocol, which can act as a private and public wallet or smart contract. On the Ethereum side, the situation defined as 'revenue' can be called the volume of fees sent to miners and validators.

According to data from WatchTheBurn, the Ethereum network lost $4.8 billion worth of additional fees due to a fee burn mechanism introduced in EIP-1559. Returning to the table again, NFTs, Web3 and DeFi are the main sources of income for current projects.

We can say that the fact that users have to pay a transaction fee of up to $ 100 on the NFT side also increased the revenue on the Ethereum side. GameFi-related products like the Axie Infinity also took the top spot, with $16 million in revenue in 2021.