ETH Wallet, No Sales for 9 Years, Profited 5300x

While the earnings of early-stage investors in cryptocurrencies are always the subject of discussion, it is noteworthy that a wallet participating in the Ethereum pre-sale has not taken any action for 9 years and has made an unbelievable profit.

This wallet, which participated in the Ethereum ICO in 2014 and bought $ 75,000, has not made any movement for 9 years. The possibility of the wallet owner losing their passwords is not overlooked, but the profit is just as striking. The value of the wallet, which was 75 thousand dollars in 2014, has now reached 400 million dollars. The wallet, where not a single transaction was made, also achieved an airdrop of $ 6.5 million. The figure from the airdrop alone is 87 times the main investment.

The wallet, which participated in the ICO and has 250 thousand Ether, is the only wallet that has not been touched since that time. Analysts say that the investor may have shown great patience and it will not be easy, while at the same time, it is highly likely that the keywords of the wallet have been lost. Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, has more than 1 million BTC in his wallet, which has never been touched. It is thought that the passwords of this wallet, which is worth close to 30 billion dollars, were either destroyed on purpose by Satoshi or Satoshi lost his life.

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