According to data provided by cryptocurrency analytics firm Glassnode, more than 13 million Ethereums have been locked into ETH 2.0 staking contracts.

More than 13 million locks in ETH are due to 76,506 deposit addresses, and the total represents 10.88% of the entire ETH supply today, according to Dune Analytics statistics. Lido, an unsupervised staking protocol for Ethereum, Solana, and other chains, accounts for a large share (31.8 percent) of staked ETH. Besides Lido, other major betting services include companies like Kraken,, Stakefish, Bitcoin Suisse and Figment. While many thought the PoS transition, also known as The Merge, will likely happen in August, the Gray Glacier update has pushed Ethereum Merge (ethereum merger) further away. ETH 2.0 staking was launched in November 2020 after a successful consensus vote.


Ethereum came even closer to the transition by testing consolidation on the Sepolia network. These deposits represent 10.9 percent of the total circulating supply.

The network will go through a testnet launch before the much anticipated launch event. As soon as the Beacon Chain merges with the main chain, Ethereum will switch to Proof-of-Stake.

Ethereum was supposed to switch to a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm years ago, but the process has experienced multiple delays. The merger is now expected to happen later this year. The upgrade is also expected to significantly lower Ethereum's energy consumption.

Ethereum price registered as $1,164 at the time of writing, according to CoinGecko data. ETH's last 24-hour trading volume was $9,507,012,701. Ethereum (ETH) price is down -4.4% in the last 24 hours. There is a circulating supply of 120 Million Ethereum (ETH) coins, with a total supply of 120 Million Ethereum (ETH) coins. Binance is currently the most active market where this is traded.