RCD Espanyol is teaming up with Crypto Snack to start allowing fans to buy tickets with crypto.

The football club, based in Catalonia, Spain, will allow fans to buy match tickets, merchandise, and food and beverage with various cryptocurrencies. The offer will be valid with the start of the next season of La Liga (August 2022).

Digital assets and the football industry have bonded relatively strongly over the past few months. Numerous clubs from all over the world have announced partnerships with crypto companies, promoted exchanges as sponsors, or accepted the asset class as a payment method.

crypto payment

However, La Liga has not yet been so heavily involved in the industry. According to a press release, that trend is about to change this summer, when RCD Espanyol will allow its fans to purchase tickets, food and drink in Bitcoin and other digital assets during matches. To do this, the club has partnered with Crypto Snack, a Barcelona and Estonia-based financial app.

Mao Ye Wu, CEO of RCD Espanyol, believes the collaboration will bring “great advantages on and off the pitch” and provide football fans with additional opportunities when attending a match.