The metaverse, which has met with increasing interest worldwide in 2021, is seen as the technology of the future. Everything from buying land to playing games can be done in the virtual world created on the Metaverse platform. This enables the metaverse to reinforce its new reality. In parallel, companies are also investing in new ventures.

Metaverse infrastructure developer Hadean has raised $30 million in a Series A investment round. In addition to Epic Games, Molten Ventures, 2050 Capital, Alumni Ventures, Aster Capital, Entrepreneur First and InQTel companies took part in the funding round, which collected $30 million. Hadean will build infrastructure that will help bring metaverse capabilities to the Unreal Engine game engine, which supports Epic Games' popular game Fortnite.

Fortnite Creative

Marc Petit, Vice President of Unreal Engine Ecosystem, said of Hadean:

   "Hadean's computing power will provide the infrastructure we need as we work to build a scalable metadatabase. The company's technology complements Epic's Unreal Engine by enabling large numbers of concurrent users, unlocking new tools for creators and developers."

98% drop in metaverse trading volume

The Metaverse universe experienced a serious rise in 2021 and managed to leave its mark on the year. Land sales in the Metaverse had significant trading volume in 2021. After experiencing massive growth last year, the Metaverse universe has seen a 98 percent drop in virtual land trading volume this year.


Metaverse, which peaked in popularity in 2021, experienced a 98 percent drop from the peak of 2021. According to data provided by Delphi Digital, land sales volume in the Metaverse had reached a peak of over $8 million in November 2021. However, by 2022, this rate has dropped to 98 percent. The 98 percent decrease in land sales volume in Metaverse from last year to this year was attributed to the decline in crypto money markets. Many people have entered Metaverse with the idea of ​​making money by trading, playing games and making purchases in the virtual world. However, with the decline in the crypto money markets, the decrease in interest in Metaverse surprised everyone. Despite the slowing trade volume of Metaverse, many global brands continue to apply for Metaverse-focused trademarks.