One of the oldest football clubs in the history of English football, Oxford City will accept the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) as a means of payment for match tickets, food and beverage purchases.

Over the years, the world of football and the world of cryptocurrencies have intertwined many times. While many famous football players have shown their interest in cryptocurrencies, some football clubs have adopted cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, as we have seen in the past months, as Oxford City is doing now.

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Bitcoin (BTC) May Normalize in English Football

Oxford City has joined forces with CoinCorner to pay for match tickets as well as for food and beverage purchases to be paid in Bitcoin (BTC), the primary cryptocurrency. The intended goal is expected to be achieved this Friday in the game against Eastbourne Borough at the club's home court, Court Place Farm.

Oxford City Football Director Justin Merritt highlighted that the adoption of innovations such as paying with Bitcoin (BTC) is vital to the club's principle of "operating as a self-sustaining club" and is an indicator of the club's long-term strategy. Oxford City Football Director Justin Merritt used the following statements:

   "People are not required to interact with our new technology, but we believe paying time with bitcoin will be the new normal in English football."


Believing that other clubs such as Oxford City will follow this move as an example, CoinCorner Chief Executive Officer Daniel Scott said:

   "It's gratifying to see the club become the first adopters of bitcoin payment in the National League. We believe this move will set a trend in the non-league and Football League divisions as the digital currency becomes the new normal for sports fans and event attendees in the UK."