In a video he shared on his 304K subscriber Youtube channel "Chico Crypto", Tyler Swope revealed his positive analysis of Chainlink (LINK) and two altcoins that he claims will reward their investors through a superior staking mechanism.

According to Tyler Swope, the three cryptoassets distinguish themselves by leveraging a new method of staking based solely on real-life business performance rather than inflationary rewards.

   “A new type of bet based on real-world business performance is coming. Speculation and inflation will no longer be the main driver of a stock, but the stock can be attributed to metrics, performance and alignment of targets between assets in an industry ecosystem.”


Staking or locking crypto assets to earn interest or rewards tends to increase the supply of the digital asset's tokens, leading to inflation. Swope says its decentralized oracle network LINK plans to combat this by cutting out unwanted node providers and rewarding good ones.

   “The beauty of Chainlink staking is that Oracle nodes can collect LINK tokens from the community for the collateral required by the deals. This allows for growth. Good service providers will be able to conclude more service contracts for customers because they can get a share of the community and share revenues, i.e. service rewards, with the community.”

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Swope also closely monitors the Energy Web Chain's native cryptocurrency, the Energy Web Token (EWT).

Swope said the EWT has a similar plan to fight inflation by rewarding only those shareholders who are deemed to be performing well.

   “In decentralized service level agreements (dSLA), stake rewards come from value created in the real world (as opposed to inflationary rewards paid in newly minted tokens). dSLA rewards are only distributed to high-performing providers and users who support them.”


Finally, Swope brings up UBT, Unibright's native service token. Swope highlights the importance of UBT in the Baseledger token model, a project that aims to connect corporate organizations to Ethereum.

“At the center of everything is the Unibright UBT token. It is Unibright token, bet token, payout token. It is the icon of Baseledger, which aims to connect the organization to the ETH mainnet."