Elon Musk’s Sharing Accelerates Wall Street Memes Presale

Elon Musk’s crypto curiosity has been known for a long time. Tesla and SpaceX CEO, the famous billionaire’s interest in crypto is measured by its effect on the markets rather than the coins he invests. As it will be remembered, in April 2021, a meme coin called Dogecoin is very little known and traded around 5 cents, while the price of Dogecoin increased to 75 cents after Elon Musk shared a Twitter post on this subject.

The fact that Musk affected the market enough to increase any cryptocurrency by 1500 percent in just one day with a share aroused great excitement among the crypto community. Since then, Elon Musk’s reaction to crypto projects has been closely followed, while Wall Street Memes, another project he has recently shown interest in, came to the fore and investors lined up to buy Wall Street Memes.

One of the latest additions to meme coin projects, Wall Street Memes is backed by viral popularity and an ever-growing community. The project, in which WSM token, the native token of the project, is offered for sale with the pre-sale event, attracts the attention of latecomers for projects such as Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and PEPE that make its investors smile. Excited investors waiting for the next Dogecoin are showing great interest in the discounted pre-sale event to buy Wall Street Memes.

The native token of the Wall Street Memes project, WSM token, met with its investors with a pre-sale event that started on May 25. The response of Elon Musk, one of the most influential names on the crypto markets, to the shares made on the Twitter account of Wall Street Memes, greatly increased the momentum of the pre-sale event. The project, which collected around 250 thousand funds on the first day of the pre-sale and completed this amount to 500 thousand dollars in 48 hours, quickly exceeded the 1 million dollar threshold with the influence of Elon Musk’s shares.

The response to the Wall Street Memes project by Elon Musk as notable has helped build trust among the community. The project, which currently has 228 thousand followers only on Twitter, has become closely followed by more than 1 million people in all channels. The possibility that the WSM token could become Elon Musk’s new favorite after Dogecoin has led investors to queue up to buy Wall Street Memes.

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