Elf Token has partnered with Toys for Tots, a Marine Corps brainchild. Elf Token aims to donate $100,000 to Toys for Tots this year. Toys for Tots can accept crypto donations directly through TheGivingBlock.

According to CoinMarketCap, the $ELF token is a community-focused token targeting active and passive investors and the less fortunate. Investors are rewarded in BUSD for their holdings and are exclusive to giveaways. The icon is inspired by the movie "Elf".

ABC 6/FOX, FOX 28 and CW Columbus have entered into a partnership with Rock City Church to raise 50,000 toys to help Central Ohio families through the Toys for Tots Foundation. This will be the physical aspect of this year's ride. Toys for Tots began in 1947 as an initiative of the US Marine Corps. The Toys for Tots program distributes 18 million toys to 7 million poor children each year.

$ELF token, a new token that was recently released on Binance Smart Chain, will donate money to charity. The $ELF token is not a reward token or a charity token, but combines the two concepts to create a community token. Two percent of every transaction goes to charity wallets and they are rewarded in BUSD for their stability. This year, $ELF Token's goal is to donate $100,000 to Toys for Tots.


According to a recent interview with Miles Harris, one of the $ELF Token holders, the token was designed to benefit the community. Any changes to the prize structure will be made based on a team and community vote. The team of 15 behind the $ELF coin want to spread the Christmas cheer throughout the year. The team also plans to create an NFT and launch a gaming roadmap to achieve this, and is considering supporting other charities.

Purchasing the $ELF token, a BEP-20 token, can be done by purchasing the BNB smartchain and adding the purchased tokens to the Trust Wallet application. The Trust Wallet app can then connect to PancakeSwap; where BNB can be exchanged for $ELF using the contract address $ELF.

As BeInCrypto previously reported, TheGivingBlock helps people who want to donate crypto directly to nonprofits. Issuing cryptocurrencies has a less taxing effect. Giving Block makes it easy to donate crypto to Toys for Tots. A donation by 19WhWeMkYZftcNwN9kZz63DmWmXLHvoXCB brings the total contribution to $40,000. The wallet donated 0.03536928 BTC.