According to a recent report by The Street, e-commerce giant eBay may add support for cryptocurrency payments this March. eBay CEO Jamie Iannone said the new payment option is aimed at attracting younger customers.

   "On March 10 we're going to dig deeper into all of these things, payments, ads, and focus categories."

A number of surveys show that millennials tend to be the most crypto-friendly demographic, which explains eBay's upcoming cryptocurrency plans. The popular e-commerce platform has so far stayed away from fully embracing cryptocurrencies, although it started tinkering with NFT last May.


Founded in September 1995, the internet company first announced the idea of ​​accepting Bitcoin back in 2013, when the world's first cryptocurrency was still in development. There was some speculation that eBay was ready to accept cryptocurrencies in 2019, but the company moved quickly to dismiss such rumors. The company finally stated that it is seriously considering enabling crypto payments amid massive speculative interest in the nascent asset class.

$70M NFT Project Still Disappointing

The Ethereum network-based Pixelmon project has officially made its mark on social media at the weekend. Pixelmon, which shared with investors how it will look after a great expectation and a pre-sale of $ 70 million, was disappointing.

Syber, the founder of Pixelmon, emphasized that this is "unacceptable" in his most recent statement and announced that the project development will continue.

NFT non

NFTs are normally unique blockchain tokens and belong to a single wallet, but in Pixelmon's case each NFT is viewed as an in-game asset. This means that users will be able to catch other Pixelmons when the video game in question is released. It was emphasized that those who own the first NFT set and participate in the pre-sale will "have special privileges" in the land of Pixelmon. Pixelmon's mint, that is, pre-sale price, started from 3 ETH and gradually decreased.

Users, on the other hand, officially became the harshest critics of the project on social media. According to users, the project has nothing to do with what was promised. Users who complained about the quality of the images in the project stated that it can be said that all investors were defrauded.

Founder Syber apologized to users and said it was a terrible mistake. Syber stated that this will be fixed and that he will not run anywhere. Stating that the goal is to develop a great game again, Syber assured that the project will come to life.