Canada-based internet service provider institution integrated the Ethereum Name Services (ENS) application for .XYZ domain names in 2018 and expanded its portfolio and offered the .COM domain name to its users with ENS compliance at the beginning of this year. With this service, the institution took a first step in the service of ICANN (Internet Assigned Numbers and Names).

This feature, which is currently active, allows users to use their .XYZ or .COM domain name as an Ethereum wallet address or an NFT. However, not satisfied with this, the institution went one step further and broke new ground. The company, which previously provided only integration services and was compatible with ENS, will now allow .ENS domain registration through their official websites.

ens name services

The fact that ENS, which has been serving since 2017 and has more than 1.5 million registered addresses, will be sold through an official company based in Canada, of course, was enough to excite both the crypto money community and ENS investors. It was specifically stated in the statement that the service in question is only available for payment with Web3 wallets (Metamask, etc.). The service, which is currently in beta, is planned to be opened to all users in the near future.

In addition, in the official statement made by the institution, it was announced that they will add other decentralized domain name providers to their systems in the future. According to the company's plan, it will be included in Stacks.btc systems as the next decentralized domain name provider.

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains are secure domain names for the decentralized world. ENS domains provide a way for users to map human readable names to blockchain and non-blockchain resources, like Ethereum addresses, IPFS hashes, or website URLs. ENS domains can be bought and sold on secondary markets.