While positive movements have been seen in the crypto money markets in recent days, some altcoin investors are giving signals to take action to take advantage of price increases. Asset increases in stock market entries are interpreted as an important indicator in this regard. Blockchain data platform Santiment has published a chart on its Twitter account showing abnormal altcoin inflows in the last 24 hours.

   "Coins are moving on to exchanges in rapid fashion as a reaction to this pump. Here is a leaderboard of percent coins moved compared to normal:

$DUSK - 868,000% inflow
$BOSON - 11,000%
$FET - 6,000%
$TRAC - 4,000%
$STMX - 3,000%
$TRB - 3,000%"

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According to Santiment data, Dusk Network (DUSK) ranked first in huge stock market listings, up 868,000 percent in the last 24 hours. The DUSK token is ranked 279th with a market capitalization of $146.5 million.

The second little-known altcoin to see abnormal stock market entries is Boson Protocol (BOSON), which ranks 381 with a market cap of $84.34 million. BOSON token has increased by 11,000 percent in stock market entries in the past day.

The third altcoin, which has been sent more to crypto exchanges in the last 24 hours compared to normal transfers, seems to be Fetch.ai (FET), which has seen a 6000 percent increase in entry to the stock market. The FET token is currently ranked 167 with a market cap of $309 million.


Investors who have a high amount of Ethereum in their portfolios have increased the demand for the popular altcoin ApeCoin (APE) and Fantom (FTM) in recent days, while the demand for Chainlink (LINK) and Sandbox (SAND) has increased.

According to a WhaleStats Twitter post, Ethereum whales have purchased $22 million worth of APE, FTM, LINK, SAND and FTT tokens in the past 24 hours. While whale investors' interest in the Shiba Inu (SHIB) token continues, FTT, LINK and FTM tokens have also been attracting interest among major investors recently. Now, APE and SAND have been added to these tokens.

In the last 24-hour timeframe, ApeCoin (APE) stands out as the most traded ERC-20-based crypto asset by the top 100 Ethereum investors. Among these investors, FTX Token (FTT) remains the largest altcoin currently held in dollar terms, after Ethereum.