Dune Releases New Ethereum Report

Cryptocurrency analysis company Dune has published a comprehensive report on leading Layer 2 (L2) solutions and their official bridge activities. The report, titled “The Big L2 Five: Arbitrum, Optimism, zkSync (Lite + Era), StarkNet, Base Bridge Statistics,” provides detailed information on key statistics and trends regarding L2 bridge deposits.

zkSync Bridge Statistics
Total zkSync Bridgers: 2,286,936
Total zkSync TVB: 1,673,623 ETH
Bridgers from Last 7 Days: 86,463
7 Days TVB: 90,988 ETH

StarkNet Bridge Statistics
Total StarkNet Bridgers: 946,205
Total StarkNet TVB: 500,533 ETH
Bridgers from Last 7 Days: 64,674
7 Days TVB: 63,887 ETH

Arbitrum Bridge Statistics
Total Arbitrum Bridgers: 666,444
Total Arbitrum TVB: 2,877,479 ETH
Bridgers from Last 7 Days: 1,499
7 Days TVB: 21,764 ETH

Optimism Bridge Statistics
Total Optimism Bridgers: 331,235
Total Optimism TVB: 602,592 ETH
Bridgers from Last 7 Days: 1,029
7 Days TVB: 5,003 ETH

Base Bridge Statistics
Total Base Bridgers: 266,288
Total TVB Base: 181,557 ETH
Bridgers from Last 7 Days: 13,071
7 Days TVB: 10,624 ETH

The report shows that Coinbase’s Base layer 2 solution, which was released in July, has made a very impressive debut in a short time. Especially after the memecoin trend when it was first released, many users bridged ETH to the Base network.

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