Deloitte Canada's Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) Research Director Duncan Stewart said that technology companies will invest billions of dollars in Metaverse in the coming period.

Stewart said that according to the estimates of investment banks, the 'metaverse' holds $8 trillion of opportunity for firms. Emphasizing that the metaverse is still far from the concept in people's minds, Stewart reminded that many companies still go to collaborations and partnerships to be a part of the metaverse.

   “Currently, there are many virtual worlds where millions of people live with their avatars, play games, make new friends, go to parties and concerts, shop and trade. The majority of these are gaming apps. However, purchased avatars, products, services and social subscriptions. Groups are imprisoned in the 'closed gardens' of these gaming apps."

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Duncan Stewart reminded that this situation does not comply with the concept of virtual universe, first described by US writer Neal Stephenson in his 1992 book 'Snow Crash', because in this universe people can easily pass from one point to another with everything they have with them.

   "So instead of a metaverse in the sense currently thought there is a bunch of 'miniverses'."

Stewart stated that technology companies will invest billions of dollars to develop the metaverse starting this year.

   "Facebook alone plans to spend at least $10 billion this year on Facebook Reality Labs, the metaverse division tasked with producing 'Meta', AR and VR hardware."

Duncan Stewart stated that companies that want to take part in the 'metaverse' should first follow the opportunities in the 'virtual universe' and make experiments, and in this context, it will be important to prepare their employees for the metaverse.

"While it's not too late now, those who don't act by 2025 will be too late," Stewart said. said.