Doodles Co-Founder Jordan Castro Announces New Visions

Doodles is one of the largest NFT collections in the Ethereum ecosystem. The tension between project creators and collectors in recent weeks has started to heat up these days. The Doodles Admins created a heated discussion by declaring that “they are no longer an NFT project”. Jordan Castro, co-founder of Doodles, came up with a new idea for the project development. These comments, which were claimed to contradict Web3 values, began to spread rapidly on social media.

“We are no longer an NFT project. The time, money, and resources we spend building a larger community are delaying our achievement of our long-term goals. We will not spend more resources because of financial concerns. If we were to put energy on a group of people, it would definitely be our most loyal collectors.”

Investors who have invested in various NFT collections, especially Doodles, claim that this decision by the managers is against Web3 principles. Investors are of the opinion that the project goals should be formed by voting, not only by the managers, but also by the project community. Upon these comments, Castro announced that the project is no longer an NFT project, but that he will continue to work on blockchain.

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