The cryptocurrency Dogecoin, which is also the favorite of Elon Musk, has apparently gained a serious fan base recently. DOGE, which achieved a big explosion last year but fell behind with the subsequent decline, is among the targets of whales.

According to the information conveyed by WhaleStats, most of the BSC whales have been most interested in DOGE recently. It is also reported that the largest whales in the BSC network currently hold more than 325 million DOGEs.

In the post shared by the WhaleStstsBSC team, it was emphasized that in the last 24 hours, DOGE purchases surpassed even ETH purchases, and it is the most traded cryptocurrency by the largest 1,000 BSC whales.

In the long run, Ethereum is the most preferred cryptocurrency by these whales. It is known that the most owned cryptocurrency by whales in US dollars is BTCB, that is, Bitcoin on the Binance network.

So why have whales shown such interest in DOGE lately? In fact, the main reason for this may be the statement made by Elon Musk on Saturday.

In a statement on Saturday, Elon Musk stated that DOGE can be used as a payment tool in a futuristic environment. The fact that someone like Musk supports DOGE may have created an unprecedented excitement for DOGE. As predictably, DOGE can continue its rise with the support of Musk and the purchase of whales.

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Dogecoin Founder Is Uncomfortable With This Situation

Shibetoshi Nakamoto, who we know as the founder of the popular meme token Dogecoin (DOGE), was on my site because people were constantly asking him to raise the price of DOGE to $1.

In his statements about the possibility of increasing the price of Dogecoin, the founder lamented that he used different wording to attract the attention of DOGE investors. Shibetoshi Nakamoto noted that some Dogecoin supporters want DOGE to raise its price to $1 by indirectly burning the supply and placing a cap on the total number of cryptocurrencies that can be produced. Shibetoshi Nakamoto, in his latest tweet explaining the questions people ask him, stated that he cannot burn the Dogecoin supply because he does not have the protocols to do this. In addition, Shibetoshi Nakamoto added that limiting the supply of Dogecoin could destroy the security of DOGE, a huge risk he cannot afford.