In the latest blog post published by the Dogecoin Foundation, developers Timothy Stebbing and Michi Lumin shared the latest information about the GigaWallet and RadioDoge projects. Giving information about the infrastructure on which RadioDoge is built, the duo stated that the target is both large-scale and low-cost use.

The RadioDoge project focuses on providing services to people who live in areas with no internet access or who can't access it when they want to make transactions, and to serve in a low-cost and wide-ranging region. In the information given by the two developers, it was stated that the radio technology used in this system will also be supported by the Starlink network, which is a global satellite system, and thus the costs will be much cheaper. Therefore, Dogecoin transactions can be done without internet thanks to this project.

starlink dogecoin

Libdogecoin hits target of 0.1

The team also stated that they are focusing on laying the foundation for many future projects in addition to GigaWallet and RadioDoge using the first phase of Libdogecoin, which is an important step towards building Dogecoin projects. According to the team, Libdogecoin has reached its target of 0.1 and now users can create addresses and verify transactions. Pioneering testing on the testnet has also been completed and Dogecoin addresses have been successfully created. The system has also successfully started receiving Dogecoin on the mainnet.

A selected RadioDoge regional hub was created last week to test this technology. The first libdogecoin transactions are also expected to be created this week, and the transaction over HF Radio in Colorado is expected to be sent via the Starlink satellite to the Regional RadioDoge headquarters, more than 200 km away.

Dogecoin price is hovering around $0.138 at the time of writing, while the last 24-hour trading volume is $1,171,328,934. DOGE price is down -2.6% in the last 24 hours.