Dogecoin Announces v0.1.2 Update

Dogecoin developer Michi Lumin announced the major update (v0.1.2) on March 24 that offers several ways to streamline the development process on the protocol of the largest dog-themed altcoin DOGE. Market watchers expect the update to have a positive impact on the price in the long run.

Dogecoin developer Michi Lumin has announced a new update that brings many changes to the project, including support for QR codes, other languages, message signing, and Windows builds.

“Libdogecoin now supports generation of keys in many languages and seedphrase (key phrases) from keys. For non-developers, this feature is available in the ‘such’ executable included as a utility and can be used to generate key phrases.”

The developer stated that Dogecoin Blockchain will now support message signing as well as image-generating QR codes.

Libdogecoin can now instantly generate QR codes in text, jpeg and png formats without the need for any additional libraries. The ‘such’ utility can also be used. Libdogecoin now also supports signing and verifying message transactions.

Other features include the ability for Libdogecoin to be ready to be created on Windows once installed in MS Visual Studio, as well as the ability to query a flag to see if it was created with the developers network feature. According to the developer, the update also fixes many persistent issues developers may encounter when building anything on the popular dog-themed coin’s protocol, such as memory integrity limitations.

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