While the crypto money market was generally depreciating under the leadership of Bitcoin, Dogecoin came to the fore with a surprise increase. The valuation of the coin, which has been supported by Elon Musk many times before, is based on a different development this time.

There is talk of a 14 percent premium captured by Dogecoin in the crypto money market. Dogecoin, the first meme coin, has seen a rapid increase since noon. Dogecoin, which entered a depreciation process this year, as in general in cryptocurrencies, rose this time with a software development.

MyDoge Wallet

Dogecoin, which has risen rapidly with the statements made by billionaire businessman Elon Musk many times before, this time took power from the block chain called 'Dogechain'. The purchases of the Dogecoin community have brought rapid rise to the cryptocurrency. Users have also invested in newly released meme coins along with the Dogechain network.

Dogecoin experienced a 15% price increase today. It continued its uptrend on Tuesday, taking a break on Monday after a turbulent Sunday in which DOGE posted massive growth of more than 16%. Starting off with a 15% gain, DOGE is now desperately trying to surpass the $0.087 price level. If Dogecoin breaks this hurdle and holds the price, owners and enthusiasts can see their favorite coin grow even further, considering the overall state of the crypto market.


Scam projects that associated themselves with the original Dogecoin began to appear online. At that time, the developers and the Dogecoin community were offering to wrap original coins over bridges, warning everyone to stay away from various chains with the DOGE prefix. If DOGE's current growth has been provoked by such announcements by fake projects, perhaps it is artificial in nature. Concerned DOGE enthusiasts reported that such projects pay crypto influencers to spread the information they need and mislead unsuspecting users.