Contessoto, who invested in DOGE and became a millionaire in September, has now announced that he has made an investment focused on Floki Inu (FLOKI).

Speaking to Financial Media Organization Benzinga, Glauber Contessoto announced that he had received $125,000 of FLOKI and that he had approximately 500 million of FLOKI. The famous millionaire, whose portfolio still mostly consists of DOGE, has now identified FLOKI as his second largest investment.


The cryptocurrency millionaire stated that he will continue to make continuous purchases until he reaches one billion FLOKIs. This means a purchase of $100,000 at the current price. The famous name explained that his whole strategy is focused on getting more FLOKI and DOGE.

When the Dogecoin millionaire looks to the future of the market, he thinks that FLOKI can achieve a meteoric rise just like DOGE. Stating that the more FLOKI he gets before the meteoric rise, the better, the famous name emphasized that this record will come with the new video game. FLOKI's game, which will include NFTs and play-to-earn basics, will bring a serious increase compared to the famous name.

In fact, FLOKI has been launching many advertising campaigns around the world lately and it is anticipated that these developments will eventually affect the price.