Doge Killer (LEASH) Transaction Volume Up 1200%

The trading volume of LEASH, a token in the Shiba Inu ecosystem, which started to be listed on the Seychelles-based crypto exchange XT, increased by 1230% and reached 8 million 500 thousand dollars. The price of LEASH also rose more than 60%, from $430 to $700. The reason for the price increase in LEASH is not yet known. The large increase in trading volume and the increase in price indicate that the token is being traded with large buy orders.

LEASH; A token in the Shiba Inu ecosystem along with BONE and SHIB. At Shiba Inu, investors and the community are eagerly awaiting the launch of the second-tier blockchain Shibarium. LEASH, BONE and SHIB tokens can be used in Shibarium, which will run on Ethereum. It was also reported that SHIB will be listed on OKCoin Japan, one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan, recently.

On the other hand, LEASH was opened for trading on the XT exchange as of yesterday. Withdrawal processes for the token also came into effect today. XT, where more than 600 coins are listed, has also listed BONE in the past days. Finally, the LEASH price was priced around $8,000 in the first days of its release. The token has depreciated significantly over time. With a supply of just over 100,000, LEASH has a market cap of $63 million.

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