Metaverse continues to attract more and more attention every day. Companies that want to step forward into the next generation entertainment and experience world are competing to recruit top executives to realize their Metaverse dreams. Disney has hired Apple employee and key figure for Apple Arcade, Mark Bozon. Bozon announced his departure from Apple two weeks ago, but did not reveal his future career plans.

Disney has named its strategy differently because the word Metaverse can mean different things to each audience. Mike White, head of the new division, called next-generation storytelling and user experiences, recruited Mark Bozon, an Apple employee and creative director at Apple Arcade, to his team. Bozon will be responsible for overseeing Disney's strategies and executing its plans to enter the metaverse. Additionally, as one of the executives of the next-generation storytelling team, Bozon will form a team to build connected experiences across Disney's gaming, movie, TV, toy and park spaces.

disney mark bozan

Bozon had worked at Apple for 12 years, before that he was Nintendo editor at IGN. Experienced in the entertainment and games industry, boson will be a senior executive for Disney's Metaverse plans.

Popular Automaker Involves Metaverse and NFT

Individuals, companies, and institutions are increasingly using NFTs as they seek new ways to communicate in an age of popular virtual reality known as the metaverse. One of the newest automakers to join the NFT and metaverse space, The DeLorean Motor Company, especially DMC DeLorean, stands out as the most famous time machine in the Back to the Future movie trilogy.

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Thanks to his role here, the DeLorean has become one of the most iconic cars shown in the cinema. The company behind the car filed two trademark applications for both DMC and DeLorean with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on May 30.

Licensed trademark attorney Michael Kondoudis signaled applications for "virtual cars", "NFT-powered media" and "stores offering virtual cars", in a statement on his Twitter account on June 3. These filings show a growing interest in metaverses and NFTs from famous people and well-known businesses.