People who don't want to miss the train to the future are already buying land in the metaverse, NFT is investing heavily in works and buying their digital homes. Ethereum Towers is one of the projects that we come across in this direction.

Ethereum Towers, an NFT-based Metaverse real estate project, continues to realize its plans one by one and make its name in the ecosystem.

Ethereum Towerss

Ethereum Towers draws attention with the strong community it created for the first time. Even while the project was still in the design phase, a strong community was formed on Ethereum Towers' Discord channel. With the publication of the lightpaper and the announcement of the roadmap, we see that this community is growing stronger.

Metaverse project consisting of 1 community, 2 towers, 202 floors and 4,388 apartments has recently published its Lightpaper. According to the Lightpaper of the digital real estate project, Ethereum Towers will be featured in the Ethereum Worlds Metaverse, which will meet with users soon. In addition, users will be able to design their apartments they will buy as NFT, host their neighbors in their homes, socialize in common areas and access a renewed NFT market.

Ethereum Towers LightPaper

In fact, with the effect of the pandemic, while people are mostly meeting their socialization needs online, Ethereum Towers can also be considered as a project that is in the right place at the right time.

Ethereum Towers first started by building its community. Because the project started out with a community-oriented foundation in the first step. The community was connected at an early stage with rooms such as club, gym, theatre, book club, entertainment club and art club created in Discord. With the activities organized continuously, a social meeting environment was provided on discord.

Later, half of the apartments in the first tower in Ethereum Towers were randomly distributed to the members who actively worked for the development of the project on the discord channels, produced ideas and "hanging out" in the discord channel in accordance with the NFT spirit. The other half of the apartments in this tower are dedicated to NFT communities and collaborations.

Ethereum Towers Audius

With the publication of the Lightpaper, the floor plans and road map of Ethereum Towers were brought together with the enthusiasts. After the publication of Ligthpaper, there was an increase in second-hand sales on Opensea. In addition, the project launched many auctions for early investors with the statements made on its Twitter account. Participants, confident in the future of the project, buy luxury and standard flats through these auctions.

The first video promoting the architecture of Ethereum Towers was also recently released. Since the project continues with a community focus, those who follow the discord channel have the opportunity to learn firsthand about the progress of the project. According to the latest statements made on Twitter, the CEO of the metaverse investment organization vEmpire, Dominic Ryder, has joined Ethereum Towers as an advisor.