The Shiba Inu team, which agreed with The Third Floor developer company at the end of July, released the details of the long-awaited update on August 30. In the statement made, Wagmi Temple, which will form one of the important building blocks of SHIB Metaverse, was given importance. The metaverse universe, which is seen to be full of Asian influences, is planned to be presented to a limited number of users selected through the official discord channel and the development process will take shape in the light of feedback from users:

   "We would like to invite you to share your innovative ideas to benefit the development process and provide opportunities for the further growth of SHIB The Metaverse."

According to the new update news, this first beta release, which aims to gather feedback from the ShibArmy community, is intended to provide forward-looking guidance. There seems to be an emphasis on incorporating the touch of the community into this project, which is being led by The Third Floor company.

third floor

The official statement of the team included the following statements on the subject:

   “Since the announcement of The Third Floor (TTF), we have been working hard to create a core build for SHIB The Metaverse. This core build will be a combination of best practices and members that will work to deliver a truly immersive experience worthy of the Shiba Inu community. "

SHIB Metaverse, which is frequently stated to be inspired by Zen decors and meditation concepts during the design phase, is designed to contain a total of 100,595 virtual land parcels. It is among the team's plans to unlock a total of 36,431 plots in the initial phase of SHIB Metaverse. It is also among the information announced that more than 19,000 lands have been purchased by more than 5,600 property owners so far. Users who want to take part in the beta version in question should follow the ShibArmy official discord channel closely and act in line with the updates.