DeFi Father Officially Returns to Altcoin Project

Announcing that he returned to the altcoin project that he left in the first quarter of 2022, Fantom (FTM) founder Andre Cronje announced his plans for 2023.

Named the father of the DeFi industry, Andre Cronje said that his primary goal for the next 12 months will be to differentiate Phantom from other L1 solutions while creating a sustainable environment for DApp developers.

Andre Cronje, who shared his 2023 plans and returned in a letter to the Phantom Foundation, reminded that Phantom was born in a bear market. Cronje also noted that FTM will continue to build, grow and evolve to make the most of the current bear market.

Stating that Fantom aims to be the highest efficient blockchain that offers a single secure layer for all decentralized activities, Cronje said:

Our foundation’s role is not to choose one business sector, but to enable a foundation layer that can facilitate all sectors. We should not focus on user sectors. We need to focus on developer sectors: improving tools, integration, ease of use, developer user experience, etc.”

Cronje, who also published Fantom’s performance review in 2022, stated that the annual growth of the Fantom network reached 131% between 2021 and mid-2022. However, this growth rate lags far behind the Phantom network’s 12.998% annual growth in 2020-2021. In this context, Phantom (FTM), which has increased by more than 2% in the last 24 hours, could not continue its rise.

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