DeFi Community Curious: What’s Happening on Monday?

The ‘fist bump’ images shared by DeFi projects one after another drew attention. The resulting mystery began to be solved in the following hours, but it is not fully clear yet.

Initially, this was thought to be the gospel of an airdrop to be announced on Monday. At this point the arrows were pointing to the Arbitrum. Especially after Optimism released the OP token and airdropped it to its users, such a move was expected from a similar protocol, Arbitrum, but the team remains silent.

Gearbox Protocol, one of the DeFi projects participating in the stream, made a statement on the growing questions and stated that this is just a fun DAO stream. In the statement, “If you are confused, this is a fun DAO stream being implemented alongside some other great deFi projects. We can call this the first coordination attempt. But maybe the marketing people can prepare something nice for Monday.” it was said.

Among the many participating teams are MakerDAO, SushiSwap, Yearn Finance, Balancer. Expectations are mainly that a cooperation announcement will be made on Monday. Curve Finance’s crvUSD stablecoin, which has been expected for a while, is also among the predictions. According to DataaRocks, 12 simultaneous sharing projects are associated with Curve and the launch of crvUSD could be announced on Monday.

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