Date Set for Yuga Labs’ New NFT Collection

The new collection of Yuga Labs, one of the oldest players in the NFT industry, is also eagerly awaited. This collection of Yuga will be his first collection on Bitcoin. Of the 300 NFTs of TwelveFold, the new NFT series to be unveiled by Yuga Labs, 288 will be on sale. For those who want to contribute, donations and a charitable effort, 12 NFTs of the series will be kept separately.

Of the 300 NFTs produced by Yuga Labs using 3D modeling technology, among other techniques, 288 will be available. 12 NFTs will be withheld for contributors, donations and charitable efforts, according to a company statement. It is scheduled to close approximately 24 hours after the auction starts.

The results of TwelveFold’s auction will be finalized according to the last Bitcoin block. If the last block occurs at the appointed time that day, all bids in the next block will not be considered, even if they have been sent before. There is no set price or guideline for offers.

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