Ki Young Ju, CEO of on-chain data analytics company CryptoQuant, shared an indicator that he believes is successful in short-term trades.

“If you are a short-term trader in futures, this indicator can help you,” said Ki Young Ju, CEO of CryptoQuant, and said that he also uses the “Taker Buy Sell Ratio” indicator.

Taker Buy Sell Ratio: It is the indicator showing the ratio of buyers' buying volume to buyers' sales volume in futures contracts. A ratio above 1 indicates that the upward trend is dominant, and a gold ratio of 1 indicates that the downward trend has gained weight.

buy sell ratio

Stating that he has been using this data for two years, Ju said that it helped him in short-term movements. According to the chart shared by Ju, this indicator seems to have detected the short-term lows and peaks well since May.

Martinez: Bitcoin dropping to $10,000?

Analysts, who share signals that Bitcoin (BTC), the leading cryptocurrency, will decline for a while, continue to see reactions from investors. Notably, a new analysis tweet on Bitcoin transaction fees has been released as of today by Ali Martinez, a prominent Crypto Quant analyst.

According to this shared tweet, Bitcoin transaction fees are currently at historically lows. It is noteworthy that these levels are the same as the big decreases in September-November in the 2018 season.

fees total

Indeed, Martinez's analysis of "transaction fees" seems to be very successful in illustrating the overall trend of the crypto market. If we take a look at this shared analysis, the leading cryptocurrency may experience a 60% decline again in the future.

BTC, which experienced such a great collapse in September-November 2018, should decrease to the level of 10 thousand dollars if it loses value at the same rate.

Although such a collapse does not seem very likely at the moment, it was not very likely that Bitcoin would fall to $ 25 thousand while trying to pass the $ 70,000 levels.